100jährige Waschmaschine

(English: ‘centennial washing machine’ or ‘centenarian washing machine’)

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a fully functional, well performing washing machine that lasts for 100 years or can be repaired for at least that long.

In addition to the durability of all components, maintainability, fixability, and production of spare parts at a later time are particulary important.

In other words, the entire design, selection of materials, dimensioning of material reserves, access to documentation, ability to access and disassemble, independence and failure tolerance of single components and subassemblies has to be oriented accordingly.

1st experimental setup


1st experimental setup

One half of the 1st experimental setup is built out of transparent material with an adjustable washing tub.

This way we can observe the washing process better and attempt to optimize the cross section and its distance to the washing drum concerning the required amount of water and thus its linked energy consumption.

The shape of the final washing tub will be non-adjustabe, but we aim to obtain a certain flexibility to be able to also use components available in the future which will be purchased, for example electric motors, as replacements for repairs.

Assembling the 1st experimental setup (time lapse, 00:31)