How much will it cost?

Birgit Hertel

At the current stage, we focus almost exclusively on any measure that supports longevity, maintainability and repairability.

So we do not have any estimate. But if You really want to have a number: we have a budget of 4.000 €.

It’ based on the back-of-the-envelope calculation: according to statistics the average service life is between 8 – 12 years. Let’s say You’s buy a cheaper model one for 500 € and it lasts 12 years. So You’d need to buy  ~8 washing machines to reach the 100 years.
8 washing machines ✕ 500 € = 4.000 €.

If we manage to stay within the budget, it would be just a bit more expensive than a Huwa eDeluxe 70 (3.850 €, expected service life 20-23 years / 20.000 service hours, 25 years spare parts warranty).